Day 24 #Loveuary❤ – Chocolates


A- adventure is like a box of chocolates
D- day after day one adventure till next
V- venture out more, take a risk and just wait
E- everyone lives in a wonderful world
N- no one knows what it will be till we try
T- time will tell what we miss if we don’t go
U- under, over, above, below, within
R- rain, storm, sunshine, snow, dry, wet
E- every hour, every day, every week


Mizzy likes her chocolates
She likes them with nuts
They could be dark
Eats them in the park
And then she’s off to toilets

Barcelona 004

“Bye, Dad, don’t forget to bring me back some chocolates!” that was my daughter bidding me goodbye this morning. Jessie is a lovely girl, my own jewel. She was playing in the garden with her dog Pogi.

My name is Craig and I’m a construction worker. My work starts early and it’s a hard job. I’ve learned the trade from an early age, as my father was a construction worker himself. I used to be his assistant. He taught me everything he knew. I work as a freelance constructor, getting contracts from different firms and projects. I earn enough to keep my small family being fed and clothed. There’s Louie, the love of my life, 10 year old Ben and 5 year old Jessie. We have got a cosy home in the suburb of the city.

Today was a normal day. The journey from home to work was about an hour. We have to construct a building in the heart of the city. It’s a big project. First we have to dig deep for the foundation to be laid. I didn’t know what happened but I was trapped in one corner. I was there for about an hour before my colleague saw and helped me get out of there. That hour was the longest hour in my life. I thought about my life, my family and how I would do everything to make them happy. That I appreciated what life has offered and given me so far and that I was very grateful for all the blessing that was given to us. When I came out of there, I felt as light as a feather, feeling free and ready to see life in a different way. If only I have a set of wings, then I could fly and be home sooner.

I bought Jessie her box of chocolates, a big bunch of flowers for Louie and a toy car for Ben. I even bought Pogi a chewing toy. I told them how much I love them and said we’re going to go on holiday this summer. They can choose where we can go. They chose Garda Lake. And so that little accident made me think about my priorities in my life. I’d say I found my own pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and I’m very grateful for it.




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