Saturday Mix – Bastet – Lurking of a shadow


A delusion of being watched
Her face was all bruised, also blotched
Her blond hair may be slightly botched
Looked untouched by the night’s debauch
Is he coming for his revenge?
For what had happened to avenge?

Relish the story of the beasts
Full to the brim with surprised feasts
Splintered and flash peeling with yeasts
Entertained by night club artistes
Complete with blank and question mark
Perhaps a boon to disembark

So the lurking of a shadow
Is the story coming to throw?
The background and events to know?
Some tragic a long time ago?
What happened next we never know
In this night of stillness and low*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The LaCharta, created by Laura Lamarca, consists of a minimum of 3 stanzas with no maximum length stipulation. Each stanza contains 6 lines. The syllable count is 8 per line in iambic tetrameter and the rhyme scheme is aaaabb ccccdd eeeeff and so on. “La” is Laura Lamarca’s signature and “Charta” in Latin, simply means “poem”.



For: Saturday Mix – Bastet – March 11, 2017, Wordle 290 Mar 11 by Brenda Warren



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