Daily Word Prompt 39 “Stars”


the hour has come when one defies nature
ask and she’ll probably provide an answer
a creature of talent going and setting up stars
as she thinks of what to write in her memoirs
combining several actions to make them stay
and breathing her lovely flower bouquet
such determination to reach for her star
trying her best to be her own superstar

Spectacle display
Shining like some fireflies
Shrouded by clouds sometimes
Surprise and amazement
Sharing life with you dear
Superb feeling of love

bright stars
they twinkle at night
how small we are to nature
awe exhibition

sky freckled with stars
shining like million fireflies
oh so beautiful

oh so beautiful
shimmering sparkles of stars
gust of wind drifted

For: Daily Word Prompt 39 “Stars”


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