Luck – Daily Prompt


I didn’t change much
After I nearly fainted
On the street when I won
I ran out of words
I couldn’t believe it
All these years of playing
Of all places and people
I was the lucky one
I was called to share
And share I would
I created a master plan
How we could all share
Some stretch of imagination
Not just to give but to train
How to be productive
How they could use it
How they could maintain
Great responsibility
I do love it!


John was getting ready for the Stock-car race. He knew that it isn’t about speed, it’s about focus and skills. It’s also about being challenged and making himself a better driver on the track. Together with his team, they prepared the racing car. His family and friends were there for support. The quarter-mile oval track on the tarmac was being prepared. The stadium was full of spectators. It was a windy day.

And the flag was waved. The sound of the engines was deafening. John wore his helmet and released the hand brake. He just have to complete the 16 laps. On the 10th lap, two cars smashed into each other, causing the incoming cars to collide with one another. Unfortunately, John’s car was also included in the crash. He was unharmed but he knew that this year’s race wasn’t for him. Better luck next year, John.


Are you nervous, my friend?
What was done was done
What you did was to defend
It was also all right to run

Think yourself lucky for getting away
The sky was your witness that evening
No moon and stars and the sky’s grey
Hard to explain, it’s often so baffling

Life was more complicated than before
Sometimes we have to make sacrifices
That was the antidote, I swore
We had to admit it wasn’t a paradise

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