Life’s like that and I’m OK

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Have you ever felt trapped inside, oblivious to the passage of time?
When you cannot swim in sea, climb a mountain or just go out?
I felt like that, that I was drowning in silence
I’ve got to face the challenges without you
My eyes smouldered with that intense emotion
For whatever reason, what’s done can’t be undone
Then I looked at the sky, stars sparkle like diamond
Giving me faith and hope, no matter how I crimsoned
I feel happy again, I know life’s like that and I’m OK
I’m here to stay for I know life’s like that and I’m OK

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Friday Fictioneers


21 thoughts on “Life’s like that and I’m OK

  1. This was beautifully done, especially as I gather English isn’t your native language and to write from your heart and soul like this in a different language, is incredibly difficult. Well done. Your line: “what’s done can’t be undone” particularly resonated with me. I was diagnosed with a severe auto-immune disease ten years ago and ended up with a change in my blood . There was this little thing showing up on blood tests. It was hard to accept that I couldn’t go back and that even my blood had changed. Yet, over time there’s been acceptance and my health problems have thankfully receded into the background. Take care! Best wishes,

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