The city’s splendour

Image Credit: Matias Larhag

the lovers wander through the woods, they drift
they were walking in passion, a gift
city so charming, they fell in love with it
lots of interesting places, got to admit

nighttime, all the lights are on and everything’s bright
they have reached the edge of the woods, what a delight

cruising along the River Elbe is also fun
one way to reach some places and that’s what they’ve done
passing by the Frauenkirche and the Parliament
don’t forget the University almost directly in front

the lovers enjoy holiday in the city
they go home content after their shopping spree

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 11, Write Anything Wednesday #111



  1. Nice catch on the stark contrast between the woods and the city. I was also thinking about the potential for wonderful shopping in this town of beauty. Thinking of it as lovers hand in hand allows the reader a much deeper connection with the story, as well as the image, imagining their own lover in hand. Lovely story – thank you so much for joining us!

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