The rainbow – Daily Picture Prompt 95


“Humanity is an ocean
If a few drops of the ocean are dirty
The ocean does not become dirty”
Mahatma Gandhi’s inspiration for us
It’s quite true, sometimes we just think of ourselves
We are just a tiny part of a big whole
Our problems are tiny dots and won’t affect it
When we’re hurt, when things don’t go the way we like
When we’re frustrated, when someone turned us down
Think of the rest of the world and their problems
We have to keep our faith in the goodness of humanity
There’s always a rainbow after a rain, or hope
The light after the tunnel, we just have to be patient
Give it time, do our best, help others, be a friend
Face our problems, accept the inevitable and take it easy
Enjoy life and what it offers us, it is wonderful, indeed

For: Daily Picture Prompt 95