Daily Word Prompt 44 “Water”


a drop of water
big, small stones in the garden
and the water flows

dripping, splashing
relaxing sound of water
as it hits stones

I gaze at the tidewater and I wonder when
Wisteria by the sea as I daub my eyes then
I step back living under penetralia
The breeze occur as I wait for a faceless huh
Streaks of fake joy like a carnival cha-cha
Smudges of sharp guilt of a clown drama
Mute prayer as I look for you at the delta
My guts tell me it comes in different forms, karma
As seagulls fly over me I reflect my Zen
I look at the sea and hope to see you again


commune with nature
listen to its talk
chasing waterfall

chasing waterfall
sound of the fountain of life
ever so faithful

ever so faithful
stridently trickling down
splashing like pearls

splashing like pearls
cleanses the soul and spirit
refreshingly good

refreshingly good
cool water, my loyal friend
drizzling onto me

drizzling onto me
a curtain of white water
in nonchalant way

in nonchalant way
on such a gorgeous day
a force of nature

a force of nature
both beautiful and brutal
charming waterfall


For: Daily Word Prompt 44 “Water”

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