Daily Word Prompt 49 “Fragile”


Fragile grip of reality
On shopping spree
On branded stuff
Thought you were rough

A small fragile timeworn lady
Give her some tea
And some flowers
She’s an ambler

Be careful with fragile china
That’s from Burma
From grandmother
Love her, bless her


A walk in a desert
Or a mountain hike
Not a soul for miles
Alone in the wilderness
Time to contemplate and think
Time to be on my own
No deadlines, no projects
No appointments, no dates
Just me and my hiking boots
A backpack with water and
Some nibbles and a map
And I know that out there
Is a breathtaking place of
Fragile beauty, unscathed
Where I commune to nature
And at the same time
Getting fresh air and exercise
Good for my health and mind
That’s how I unwind
When I want to be alone


For: Daily Word Prompt 49 “Fragile”

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