Daily Word Prompt 55 “Radiant”


The peacock’s
On the other side
Feasibly she’s waiting there
He wants to show his feathers
Radiant coloured spots

What I miss is our exclusive world
I was radiant with joy as I twirled
When we used to talk about everything
And we were both positively beaming
And in the beginning it’s just the two of us
Together there was a feeling of calmness
Nowhere else would I like to be but there
It might be threadbare but we feel millionaire
Beyond the scope of perfection and reality
Even in a dingy place or in a back alley
Beyond people’s expectation and silence
What’s imperative is our presence
That misty place where we could be us
And we don’t even make a big fuss
Where they turn their heads and awe
And they look again and overawe
I’d like to be there again, please
Oh to be there again, pretty please


For: Daily Word Prompt 55 “Radiant”


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