Day Four – How is that?

Paano na?
Kapag ang ibon
Wala nang ikakanta?
Kapag ang pusa
Wala nang dagang mahuli?
Kapag ang araw
Wala nang kinang?

Paano na?
Kapag ang mundo ko’y
Ginawa mong itim?
Kapag ang tiwala ko’y
Winasak mo?
Kapag ang puso ko’y
Biniyak mo?

May pag-asa pa
Ang ibon
Makakahanap ulit ng ikakanta
Ang pusa
May daga uling mahuhuli
Ang araw
Lilitaw ulit pagkatapos lumubog

May pag-asa pa
Ang mundo ko’y
Magiging makulay ulit
Ang tiwala ko’y
Magbabalik ulit
Ang puso ko’y
Titibok ulit

Kahit wala ka na
May pag-asa pa!

How is that?
When the bird
No longer sings?
When the cat
No mice to catch?
When the sun
No longer shines?

How is that?
When my world
You turned black?
When my trust
You destroyed?
When my heart
You shattered?

There is still hope
The bird
Finds a reason to sing again
The cat
Finds and catches some mice
The sun
Rises again after it sets

There is still hope
My world
Be vibrant again
My trust
Be returning
My heart
Will forever beats

Even without you
There is still hope!

For: fourth day of NaPoWriMo


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