Tuesday Photo Challenge – Mystery

“Decompose” by zaldy icaonapo
Decompose” by zaldy icaonapo

That photo has been in the water
At first it was such a blur
Poor thing, it’s not submersible
Got no idea, good to be baffled

Been immersed in a large bed of kelp
I don’t think I need some help
Luckily I was able to save it
Didn’t even ruin my outfit

In the middle of it being mutilated
Tried hard to get it out of the mud
Could have migrated somewhere far
Could have been so bizarre

I looked at it in my nonchalant way
At first it was all grey
My God, such a beautiful face
So charming, so full of grace

The melanin still visible, tanned
You could be a model of a famous brand
In this plexus of society, you’re an enigma
God knows how long you’ve been in an aqua

And together with the nickel that I’ve found
I need to find out all the background
In this phase of my life where I’m confused
In my ungainly way, I found some focus
Something to ponder, to solve a mystery

Barcelona 011

the sound of the sea
mystery behind the clouds
how would the day be?


as the plane stops
new mystery to explore
ready when you are


behind the screen
could be bright or otherwise
a whole new world

For: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Mystery

7 responses

  1. Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 53 – Dutch goes the Photo!

    […] Ladyleemanilla combines the mysterious in both some of the unusual items that she captured and the beautiful text that accompanies it. […]

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  2. Outside Perception

    Is that an entire wall of Post-Its?

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    1. ladyleemanila

      yes, that’s right! thank you 🙂

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      1. Outside Perception

        Was it like a community bulletin board? I get intrigued by the oddest things sometimes.

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      2. ladyleemanila

        it’s in the honesty coffee shop, where people leave their thanks and comments (in Batanes, Philippines) 🙂


  3. jansenphoto

    An excellent post with wonderful images and text! Thank you!

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    1. ladyleemanila

      you’re welcome, Frank 🙂

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