Photo Challenge #161 – One stitch at a time

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One stitch at a time

Time to repair and sew

Sew all the miscalculation

Miscalculation of how far we go


Stitch up our life and love

Love we thought we have

Have but going away

Away so we must salve


One more chance

Before we give up

Up in the flames

Flames we have to face up*


(c) ladyleemanila 2017


* Loop Poetry is a poetry form created by Hellon. There are no restrictions on the number of stanzas nor on the syllable count for each line. In each stanza, the last word of the first line becomes the first word of line two, last word of line 2 becomes the first word of line 3, last word of line 3 becomes the first word of line 4. This is followed for each stanza. The rhyme scheme is abcb.

For: Photo Challenge #161, OpenLinkNight #194 by Grace, April PAD Challenge: Day 22

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  1. frankhubeny

    I liked the description: “Sew all the miscalculation”

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    1. ladyleemanila

      thank you, Frank 🙂

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