Emptiness ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #84

In a land of sadness, broken dreams are made
Which strips away any vital connection
And life was gravely portrayed
His name no longer mentioned

Of empty sheets and promises
No sense in carrying on
When everything is aimless
I’ve been conned and he’s gone

When poems are so melancholic
His name no longer part of my speech
Life could be mysterious and cryptic
Acceptance could be beseech

While firmly grasping the goblet by the stem
I used to be happy and carefree
He could no longer be condemned
I just have to accept that I’m free

For: Emptiness ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #84 by Patrick Jennings


  1. Ouch…

    Words come to me as I re-read this: Sometimes, we must empty ourselves of our emptiness before we can begin filling it again.

    A paradox, I know. But sometimes the best wisdom is impenetrable, until it makes sense.

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