The Weekly Smile 69 #weeklysmile

Hello everyone from a very cold Bavaria. The forecast for the next couple of days is more snow rain, oh well, good thing I haven’t put my winter stuff away yet. But we’ve just changed our tyres to summer tyres last week.

Having said that, I’m still smiling. I rang my mother yesterday and she’s fine, she’s been to her doctor’s and her medications have been adjusted to her needs. She also went to a dermatologist for her allergies. The renovation in her terrace is finished, so she’s back doing her day-to-day routines.

Him Indoors and I have booked some of our upcoming holidays. Next month, we’re going to the UK (his parents’ diamond wedding anniversary) and Malta (for his birthday and our anniversary). In July, I gave my friend a “wellness” gift – overnight stay in a thermal bath/spa hotel in Bad Fussing (I’ll be with her, of course!). In August, Him Indoors and I are going to Hamburg and Zell am See. In November, I’m going to Madrid with my cousin from Dormagen and my friend from Dusseldorf. Then in December, Christmas in the UK (to celebrate his mother’s 80th birthday), then New Year’s Day in the Philippines (for my mother’s 80th birthday, too). We’ll be staying in the Philippines for a couple of weeks, then travel to Singapore and Bali. Looking forward to travelling and celebrating.

Have a great week everyone. What made you smile this week?

For: The Weekly Smile 69 #weeklysmile, Three Things Thursday: Cherry Ice, Disc Golf, Mad Cleaning, & Some Pretties


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