Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2017): Look up

our apple blossoms – hopefully we’ll have good harvest this year!

blue sky, white clouds – like the colour of our Bavarian flag!

entrance to the beer garden – after an hour’s cycle, we’ve made it!

some trees and our favourite jazz band – a great place to be!

more trees and blue sky 🙂

For: Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2017): Look up, Skywatch Friday – First Skywatch in June Edition

Trace – Daily Prompt


Paul has always wanted to walk in space
He flew in the dark out of this place
No one has found him since
Not even his footprints
How can he leave us without a trace?


You’ve eroded your own vegetation
A bargain but the soil was barren
With scarce strength and rain
I don’t know how to explain
Not nurturing what should have been
You thought you could always spin
The crows kept revisiting the place
There’s no way you could be traced
Weaving some false hope and gloom
A cavalier which was what I presume
Rooted on despair, doubt and anguish
Sometimes, garish, foolish or freakish
Last time you promised something
Didn’t budge though I kept on begging
You didn’t keep the promise
How could you be so callous?
Cells kept on moving about
With you there’s always a doubt
Don’t know where to go
I could have said no
I thought you were the one
I thought you were my beacon
But it wasn’t meant to be
Sad but there’s never a “we”

For: Trace

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On this ancient world my friend is sailing

Image Credit Ales Krivec

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “On a Distant Shore” by W.S. Merwin: crammed, rising, bare, humming, window, friend, sailing, light, breast, falling, ancient, small

On this ancient world my friend is sailing
Rising falling as the waves come and go
Like a small bird she can’t stop humming

The tower on the island she’s heading
Her boat crammed with things as she heave-ho
On this ancient world my friend is sailing

With bare necessities for her mooring
Window of opportunity to show
Like a small bird she can’t stop humming

Sky’s grey with red-breasted bird hovering
As light as a feather as the wind blows
On this ancient world my friend is sailing

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 21, Whirligig 114

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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, May 31st 2017 love in haiku


wild flowers abound
grass so green and sky so blue
beauty around us

frame of nature
the gentle waves of the sea
watching the sunset

coconut trees sway
paddy fields in the background
birds chirping sweetly

rays of holiness
starting the day with thanks
with sunshine and love

trees glisten
autumn day is like a dream
cool breeze and dark time

autumn winds whisper
crispy leaves falling from trees
heaps of gold and red

with the lochs and moors
mists over the foreign highlands
caressing mountains

over the rainbow
in a land so far away
waiting for some hope

For: Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, May 31st 2017 love in haiku

Wrap it in Ribbons Please!


she wakes up late to face the world
on this nifty day, her clock is ticking
her bare feet flew merrily as she whirled
it’s going to be a great day, she sings with zing
in spite of all that beauty may disown
takes a shower, has a cherry for breakfast
someone rings, her voice skips on the phone
and pauses like a pencil, puts it down calmest
decides what dress, hat and shoes to wear
everything in her own pace and sequence
sits down and inserts a pin in her hair
and waits for some sort of suspense
outside she hears a knock on the door
the postman delivers letters and a white parcel
what can it be and who sends it, she’s unsure
and on this special day, too, she’s as baffle
a 24 carat gold chain from him
he remembered, she thought
large tears in her eyes brimmed
they shouldn’t have fought

For: Wrap it in Ribbons Please! by lillian in Poetics