Control – Daily Prompt

The past is the past
We can’t bring it back again
Concentrate on now
Where you can still change it
There’s still tomorrow to glimpse

I love tomorrow
The day is clear and pleasant
Ready for challenge
To anything that will come
Just think positive and be calm

Today’s also fresh
Mistakes from past teach us lots
We’re knowledgeable
Can get pleasure from today
Let’s laugh, learn and have some fun

When was the last time I feel refreshed?
So active, so energized and rejuvenated
Like a new flower coming out in spring
The splash of fresh water from the ocean

I think it’s all in the mind
I’ve got to think it to believe it
That life is wonderful and fun
And I have a reason to get up

Let’s not forget our body
We’ve got to keep it active
Zumba and latin, I love them all
Going to the gym once in a while

Looking forward to something
A holiday, a new book or a concert
These are some of the things
They make day-to-day life exciting

flowers 001
The future is completely open and
We are writing it moment to moment
Each day is like a blank page letting us
Fill it in as we get on with life, so really it’s
How we look at it, be it a mystery, a suspense,
A thriller, a love story, or just a mundane normal day
Whatever it is, make it your own, be in control of your day
And your future for what its worth, be brave, think positive and
Be happy, set your priorities, and count your blessing, for life is cool
And wonderful and the future is always in our own hands. Good luck!


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