Lovers in the City – 100 Word Wednesday – Week 17

Image Credit: Scott Webb

the lovers wander through the city
as they go about their shopping spree
they were walking in passion
met after work, now having fun
city so charming, they fell in love with it
lots of interesting places, they have to admit
several of the city’s skyscrapers are there
they won’t miss cafes and bars in the square
people strolling and chatting, city so vibrant
museums and places to eat on the front
holding hands in the park and the weather’s so good
watching people hither and thither as they stood
at night, all the lights are on and everything’s bright

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 17


  1. inspirational, thank you for sharing 🙂

    a city’s nature
    have you looked… you’ll be amazed
    seek out its wonders

    the fauna… bats rats…
    feral cats… don’t forget…
    flora wildflowers

    all the macro life
    fleas bedbugs all fun critters
    biting midges too

    bats silent wonders
    pigeons in their thousands… fun
    city wildlife glee

    glorious city life
    birds trees creepy crawlies… fun
    city life enjoy

    splat… phew… glad you missed
    off out… cleaned my wings… buzzing
    got to propagate

    buzzzz ———-> I’m outa here, whoosh 😉

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