Thursday photo prompt – Obelisk #writephoto


As the sun sets with a classic golden flame along the shore
Pondering the past, when you only have eyes for me and I you adore
When the thought of you has given my heart that unexplainable feeling
When we thought everything was against us and we said we keep on battling

Proud obelisk always standing there, witness to everything
As the years went through, winter, summer, autumn and spring
The world was rosy and nothing could stop us, so we thought
But the world has turned grey and I was so distraught

It was there when you promised the sun and the moon to me
That promise was broken, what you’ve done, that was very nasty
My scarlet heart bleeds, if only the obelisk could give me a hug
I know somewhere in the universe, you’re there with just a shrug

I saw it at the corner of my eye when we first kiss and that was heaven
I don’t seek revenge for I’m sure there’s a karma with your action
I’m still trying to understand what went through and your betrayal
I’m sure time helps with the healing but for now, I still feel awful

When you wrote a song for me and sang it with your guitar, it was there
I’m walking at the edge of this beautiful landscape saying my prayer
With the golden sunset warming my soul, there’s always hope
I’d be given enough strength, I’d move on, I know I’d be able to cope

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Thursday photo prompt – Obelisk #writephoto, Dramatic Monologues by kim881 in Poetics, OpenLinkNight # 195 by Grace



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