A walk in the woods

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Loretta Notto. Thank yoiu Loretta!

Gone was the snow and I’m free to roam again
Away from the scrutiny of my fellow townsmen
Wearing just trainers, t-shirt and jeans, I’m ready
Why are you angry and at the same time so clingy?
To the woodlands where all trees and flowers bloom
I need this time to clear my head and not feel gloom
In the spring where cherry boughs laden with blossoms
And the trees are randomly in rows and columns
Seventy trees and still counting, on and on I walked
Not a sound, not even when some birds squawked
Free from worries, free from pain, free from convention
Just me and the nature, and being on my own was fun

For: FFfAW Challenge by Priceless Joy


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