Better – Daily Prompt


Imagine yourself visiting a china shop and you’ve witnessed the smashing of plates or the tossing of horns. The truth is, my friend, a Taurean is quite like a bull and in charge, and nothing can stop her. She may appear fairly calm and relaxed but when something gets her going, you’d better step out of her way. I admire her for her practical and realistic ideas, as well as her cautious and careful ways. She is generally sweet natured with a liking for pretty little objects of affection. She’s also persistent, sometimes determinedly so, obstinate in the face of adversity, and stubborn to the point of utter exasperation. This ability to hang on through tough times and bad, as well as her emotional strength, make Taurean women a force to be reckoned with.


“Ten more sit-ups, come on, you can do it… one…two…” that was my friend encouraging me to go on.

“I can’t … I can’t breathe anymore… why are you so mean?” I moaned.

“Think of all the pounds that you’d lose, that gorgeous 100-pound black dress you wanted,” added her.

“I know, I know, I promise I’ll be better tomorrow, let’s have a break now, please?” I begged.

“OK, we can go aqua-jogging tomorrow morning,” she suggested.

“Sure!” and so we dashed out of the gym.

For: Better

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