Exposed – Daily Prompt


The thief lurks in the cavern
The bitter noise of the storm
He has to wait until it ends

Consumption was rampant
In that house of the gangsters
Too much food and drinks

Reviving liar was exposed
But no vestige of redemption
Old habits never die


“Where did they go?” I asked, as I followed his stride up to the topmost part of the valley. We trailed the mountain-lion tracks and watched from remote plateaus as distant puffs of cloud built into towering thunderheads.

“This used to be a big construction site,” he said, in anger. “When I was working as a labourer removing lagging from pipes in the basement for 5 years, I was exposed to large quantities of asbestos. The rest of the workers were exposed and suffered, too. In the end they closed it.” He said clearly, the sun reflected his silver hair. He looked at the ruins one last time.

For: Exposed

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