Writing Prompt May 7th – First time


sun stopping today
midnight sun or polar night?
summer solstice’s here

first day of summer
the sea asked to be admired
nature’s gift to us

First day of school
I didn’t cry
I met Dedette
We played together
And we’re still friends

First kiss, first love
Awkward and painful
Cried, broke my heart
I’ve learned some lessons

First job, medrep at Sanofi
Covered Port Area & Manila
And at the same time
Algebra teacher in college
My students older than me

First time to leave Philippines
I was 22 and off to Switzerland
Learned French and looked for a job
Worked at the United Nations for 2 years

First time to be a Mum
I was 32, and boy, that was great
Held him in my arms, my precious son
Stayed home Mum until he was 10
Time went so fast and he has to leave
For college to spread his own wings
Now he’s married to his beautiful K

First time to blog
Two years ago
Frightened to bits
Didn’t know what to expect
Now having fun and just writing

For: Writing Prompt May 7th – First time


  1. I love both of your poems so much. The second one especially, it feels like each stanza is a chapter from a novel and it was a joy to candidly read through your journey.

    Liked by 1 person

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