five minute friday :: truth


The tapestry of life
The veiled truth sparkles
Sad when we’re in strife
Why can’t you see my angle?

Ignorant to be precise
Shining in lightness
Searching for a paradise
Instead of one in bleakness

A mutable cuttlefish
Flaking in the sea
Don’t be so childish
Otherwise I’ll flee

Such a grey existence
As the bee buzzes
Can I survive in your absence?
Don’t know what’s the fuzz?

Can we make it rosy?
The shadows of the past
I say with a plea
Let’s give it a blast


For: five minute friday :: truth


  1. I always love your poetry. 🙂 This line, especially: “Why can’t you see my angle.” A reminder that truth is often subjective. My truth and your truth don’t always align – how do we come together? Thanks for this beautiful way to start a Friday! (Visiting from FMF)

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