Survive – Daily Prompt


The photo made me remember my Dad’s mother, “Inang” which is a Tagalog word for mother (could also be a dialect from their province, Bulacan). My Dad’s father, “Amang” died during the Japanese occupation and left a young wife and two children, my father who was 5 and my Aunt, who was three. Inang managed that by sewing clothes for people, she first worked in a clothes factory and then did it privately. Inang worked days and nights so they could survived. I remembered Inang and her old sewing machine. She sewed our school uniforms. Bless her soul.


We were arguing, me and my brother
Of who’s the best or the worst among us
And that turned into a pillow fight
Squabbling, biting and rolling like mad
Until we heard a crash, what was that?
Oh the penguin, its beak was broken
We thought it was just a scratch
A bit of glue and we can reclaim it
Now one of us has to tell Mary
Remain calm if we want to survive
She’ll be livid, we know that
Perhaps if we preen it well
Hide it behind the stones
Thank our stars, we’re clever
Keep our fingers crossed
Hope Mary doesn’t find out
Here she comes…. Hide!

For: Survive

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