Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2017): Look up

our apple blossoms – hopefully we’ll have good harvest this year!

blue sky, white clouds – like the colour of our Bavarian flag!

entrance to the beer garden – after an hour’s cycle, we’ve made it!

some trees and our favourite jazz band – a great place to be!

more trees and blue sky 🙂

For: Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2017): Look up, Skywatch Friday – First Skywatch in June Edition


  1. Being months behind in visiting blogs in the challenge, I do hope the tree gave you what you wanted! And good shots for this theme. Such great skies. And a beer garden… perfect!

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  2. Looks like you enjoyed some beautiful days in May. I really relate to your hopes for your apple tree. We’ve lost our crop due to hail or an early hard frost more than we’ve had a good harvest! In another week or so I’ll go thin the fruit and will have a better idea of the potential for 2017. My fingers are crossed for you!

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  3. These are just so beautiful. Did you have a beer after the cycle? That would be so good after a long ride! These are great pictures. I love seeing other parts of the world. I think my favorite is the apple blossoms. I love the pink flowers!

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  4. Beautiful photos extolling home and neighborhood. There’s something powerful and foundational in trees. I’m always reminded of Tolkien’s Ents, the ancient giant trees of Middle Earth. Bavaria is one of our must see explorations one day. Good luck with the apples, we’re expecting an abundant harvest ourselves this year.

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  5. I hope you have apples as well! I think I might like to stay in the beer garden and listen to the band for most of the afternoon. And, the video was extremely soothing….as my morning was extremely hectic!

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