Tuesday Photo Challenge – Steps


Two more steps
You heard my footsteps
A yearning hope
I’m sure we can cope
On a crispy day
A day not so grey
A shining sun
I think we’ve won
“Free at last!”
Trial we’ve surpassed
A phrase uttered
We can go forward
The start of a chapter
We are its author
The second volume
As our love blossom
A rage for change
May be strange
Still not late
Isn’t life great?


A cat in a hat by the steps
He’s alert when he hears footsteps
Purrs when I pass, that makes me gay
The cat in a hat makes my day

Sometimes he plays with other cats
With bobcats, tomcats and wildcats
And sometimes he catches his prey
The cat in a hat makes my day

When he catch a mouse, he’s so proud
I stroke his head and he meowed
I swap his hat to a beret
The cat in a hat makes my day

A cat in hat by the steps
The cat in a hat makes my day

For: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Steps


  1. Love the music! Also love the rope walk. When I was a little girl, our school sometimes had one for field day. Good times.

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