Music Prompt #8: “Calm Before The Storm” by Sarah Ross #amwriting #musicchallenge #music

Calm before the storm
I hope it hits you hard
You left my heart scarred
Gave you my soul in form
And you made it deform
I have to keep my guard

How could you be so cruel?
When I have given all?
You’re such an evil gall
Without me your life’s null
All your fault, you’re blameful
I looked at you, appalled

I’m happy to be free
And you don’t deserve me*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

The HexSonnetta, created by Andrea Dietrich, consists of two six-line stanzas and a finishing rhyming couplet with the following set of rules:

Meter: Iambic Trimeter
Rhyme Scheme: a/bb/aa/b c/dd/cc/d ee

Iambic Trimeter means the usual iambic (alternating unstressed/stressed) meter for every line of the poem, but instead of the ten syllables that comprise a typical sonnet’s iambic pentameter, this particular form uses six syllables of iambic trimeter per line. Thus, the name HexSonnetta. The first part of the form’s name refers to the syllable count per line. The second part of the name, Sonnetta, is to show this to be a form similar to the sonnet, yet with its shorter lines and different rhyme scheme, it is not the typical sonnet. Not only does this poem have six syllables per line, it also has a set of two six-line stanzas, giving an extra “hex” to the meaning of HexSonnetta. The rhyme scheme is a bit of a mixture of the two traditional sonnet types, with the two 6-line stanzas having more the rhyme scheme of an Italian sonnet, but with the ending rhyming couplet being the featured rhyme scheme of the English sonnet. The first stanza presents the theme of the poem, with the second stanza serving to change the tone of the poem, to introduce a new aspect of the theme or to give added details. The final couplet, as in an English sonnet, can be either a summary (if the theme is simple) or it could be the resolution to a problem presented in the theme. In any event, it should nicely tie together the whole piece and could even appear as a nice “twist” presented at the end.

For: Music Prompt #8: “Calm Before The Storm” by Sarah Ross #amwriting #musicchallenge #music


  1. Hi Lady Lee. Loved that you used a hexasonneta, now I really want to try this form out. Your poem was bang on with message of the song and I could feel that same anger and intensity in the poem you wrote. You come down to message or the most meaningful lines of your poem and words central to the song in the end “I’m happy, I’m free / You don’t deserve me.” Great Writing and thank you so much for participating! I appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

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