Tuesday Photo Challenge – History


together we fight for freedom
together we overcome
we have to be free
colonisation from Spain
battle till the end
independence is worth it
for generations to come

enemies attack
warriors defend precious soil
battle of the sea
great ancestors of the land

courageous people
defending sea till the end
freedom protected
the fruit of their hardship

they fought for our freedom
learning the past through art
at the gallery

country’s history
as part of our heritage
should know them by heart


women took part, too
Philippine Revolution
our own heroines

acknowledging them
they struggle for our freedom
we’re so proud of them

Other “histories”:

For: Tuesday Photo Challenge – History, Tuesdays of Texture | Week 27 of 2017


  1. The infamous entrance to the Tower of London, Traitors Gate, is the water-gate entrance to the Tower of London complex and forms part of St. Thomas’ Tower, which was built to provide additional royal accommodation.

    The gate was designed by the Medieval architect Master James of St George on the orders of King Edward I between 1275 and 1279 to provide a new water-gate by which King Edward could arrive at the Tower by river. In the proceeding centuries, as the Tower of London increasingly came to be used as a prison for enemies of the state accused of treason, it acquired its current name of Traitors Gate due to the the number of prisoners, accused of treason, who have passed through it. Prisoners were brought by barge along the Thames, passing under London Bridge, where the grisly heads of recently executed prisoners were displayed on pikes.


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