Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bugs


bustling bee pollinating
stunning flower blooms
glorious bouquet and colour

amusement with bumblebee
bug in a fairy dance
charming in a supple haze


pretty butterfly, its wings beating the summer air
youth and innocence, good qualities to possess
happy as a cloud as it flutters around the square
yin and yang the balance of the soul for its success
nurturing the flowers as it flies to them with care
gracious as the sun and wind sighing without stress

exquisite colours
rainbow in a butterfly
pleasurable day

swaying butterfly
like lively ballet dancer
spins with the wind

For: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bugs

Ten Things of Thankful – 7/14/17

I am thankful for the oatmeal which I have been having for the last couple of days. Oatmeal with milk, cinnamon and berries in the morning. Savoury oatmeal for lunch, for example with onions, tomatoes, mange tout and carrots. And for dinner, either vegetable soup like a minestrone or savoury oatmeal with chicken. This “oatmeal diet” has helped me reduced my blood sugar values, therefore, I also reduce the amount of insulin injection, and hopefully will help me lose weight. There’s always hope!


I am grateful for the lovely weather last Saturday, conducive to our cycling trip to one of our favourite beer gardens, the Waldwirthschaft. It was an hour cycling from our house to the beer garden, passing through the Perlacher Forest and the river Isar. We had beer and grilled fish and pretzel. There was a jazz band playing some lovely tunes. Such a lovely Saturday.

What other things am I grateful about?
Him Indoors with me who’s free from gout
Just rang my mother and she’s fine
She talked about her friends, that’s a good sign
My brother was sent home from his ship
Got to see a doctor, he needed the trip
His right shoulder will be operated
Glad he came home to be aided
HRH the son and his beautiful bride
A friend came for a visit, they’re the guides
And of course, our flowers in the garden
Always different, give us a lot of fun

So, what made you smile this week?

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Ten Things of Thankful img_1892-1


A brief history

The Old Citadel (also called the Citadella or Kastell) rises dramatically above ir-Rabat. Built at a perfect strategic vantage point, it defiantly dominates the skyline exactly as intended by the military architects who built it. A visit to the Citadel should not be missed. The Citadel has been at the centre of activity on the island since possibly Neolithic times, and was certainly fortified during the Bronze Age around 1500 BC. It was later developed by the Phoenicians and in Roman times, it was a complex Acropolis. Gozo was a privileged Roman Municipality, independent of Malta and the Citadel was the centre of its administrative as well as its military and religious life, an important temple to the goddess Juno stood where the Cathedral now stands. The north side of the Citadel dates back to the period of the Aragonese, while the south flank, overlooking Ir-Rabat (Victoria), was re-constructed under the Knights of St. John between 1599 and 1603. This rebuilding came towards the end of Gozo’s darkest period, when for two centuries, marauding Turks and Berber corsairs had harassed and pillaged the Maltese Islands. For this reason, until 1637, the entire population of Gozo was required by law to spend the night within the Citadel for their own safety. The climax of the Turkish raids on Gozo came in 1551. A strong Ottoman naval force, after an unsuccessful attack on Malta, turned its attention to the less well protected Gozo. After a short siege the crumbling medieval walls of the Citadel were overwhelmed and the defenders begged for an honourable capitulation. Tragically for the population, (then numbering around 5000), the surrender terms were far from honourable. With the exception of just 40 elderly and disabled citizens, the entire population of Gozo was chained and taken into slavery. It took nearly 50 years to re-populate the island and rebuild the Citadel in its present layout.
(from: https://www.visitgozo.com/where-to-go-in-gozo/sight-seeing-places-interest/citadel-cittadella/)

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