An old house – Sunday Photo Fiction – July 16th 2017

© Mike Vore

The house is in need of repair
As you can see, it’s old and damp
With storm coming it needs revamp
Like skin, it needs cream and care

I don’t wish to be the object of scorn
But when one digs deeply
A mask covering the face
A poet and his paper
A house is the setting
Of a beautiful tale

So we started going to camp
And we saw this big bear
We’re so scared we swear
Ran away and started to decamp

Back to the old house
Got some paints and ladder
He started at the bottom
I painted the top floor
We sang as we worked
Glad the day was sunny

Bahay kubo kahit munti
Ang halaman doon, sari-sari*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The La’libertas, a 22-line (4/6/4/6/2) poetic form created by Laura Lamarca. The stanza rules are as follows:

Stanza 1 – rhyme scheme ABBA, 8 syllables per line.
Stanza 2 – Free verse, 6 lines ONLY
Stanza 3 – Rhyme scheme BAAB, 8 syllables per line.
Stanza 4 – Free verse, 6 lines ONLY
Couplet – Italian (Any language acceptable except)

How the La’libertas for got its name is from the word “libertas” which is Latin for “liberty” and “La” is Laura Lamarca’s signature.

* last two lines (Tagalog) nipa hut, although small, the plants there, all different


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – July 16th 2017, Wordle 308 Jul 15 by brenda warren

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  1. What a delightful poetic form. My guess is if it was created in Italy whatever language you used in the couplet should not be your own, (so Italian would be OK for English writers).

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