What Inspires You? {FMF Link-Up :: Inspire}


By silvery moon
I sing my heart to you
Eloquence so soft
Seeking the steam of my soul
Bliss, star of my garden

Melody from heart
No cloud in sky to be seen
Watch birds fly somewhere
Till dawn when Nature smiles
Pursuing your affection

“The world is a dangerous place to live
Not because of the people who are evil but
because of the people who don’t do anything about it”
Albert Einstein’s quote is a wonderful quote
Makes us wrestle with our memories
Whether we are acting on its saintly cue
Cracking the code, holding the true meaning
Or tracking down the science behind it
We know we’re not angels and we do react
To different situations in varied ways
But what Einstein is trying to tell us is
To be responsible and look after each one
If we see something evil being done
We don’t just stand there and watch
We have to do something about it
We have to see to it that we are not
Just passive onlookers and self-centred
Don’t let evil wins, be active and do it right

For: What Inspires You? {FMF Link-Up :: Inspire}


  1. “By silvery moon I sing my heart to you” and “Melody from heart No cloud in sky to be seen” I just love those stanzas especially those four lines. I have the pleasure of being your FMF neighbor today. Thank you so very much for blessing me with your beautiful verse this morning. 🙂

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