Carousel – Daily Prompt


Ed and Kay went to Oktoberfest, which they simply called the Wiesn, after the colloquial name of the fairgrounds, the Theresienwiese. They had some beer and pretzels and looked around the different tents and amusement rides. Ed bought Kay a heart shaped ginger bread which she put around her neck. Then they rode on the chair merry-go-round. It was exciting but after the second revolution, it started to sleet. They were frightened but there was no way but to endure the blizzard for the next five minutes. It was a hell of a ride for them!

For: Carousel

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Golden

Golden age, that’s what I am now
An adult in every way
Full of wisdom and experience
Full of fun and adventure
Full of love and connection
Gone were the days when I was innocent
Gone were the days when I was awkward
Gone were the days when I was unsure
Now, I could do what, where and when I want
Now, I could decide for myself
Now, I’ve got the love and friendship I need
Ah! To live like this forever is quite fun!


soft whisper of breeze
the golden sun as it sets
Manila Bay’s view

on golden pond
water lilies, frogs, turtles
living happily

living happily
water lily in my hair
see my reflection

see my reflection
enjoying the gorgeous day
sitting by the pond

For: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Golden

10 Days of Heat: Orange (Day 3)


Stay still, don’t be so desolate
Soon the feeling of joy will come
You might stir up the nest of hornet
In a now familiar picture of bedlam

And she’ll waltz very gracefully
Horns will make heavenly music
In her quiet way revealing such beauty
Mysterious lyrics, she sings cryptic

Revealing some sort of motivation
Leading to intelligent conversation
Releasing you from your burden
Always nice to share with someone

The beauty of a rose with its thorns
There’s always a yin and a yang
One day my child plants an acorn
Where the balance of life hangs

For: 10 Days of Heat: Orange (Day 3)