Typhoon – Saturday’s Mix – 26 August 2017


Ferocity of the typhoon
And the storm surge are horrific
Powerful winds doing all tricks
Our yearly tropical monsoon
Monster storm and our lives transform
All gone in just one afternoon
Evacuation got to be quick
Ferocity of the typhoon

Ferociousness of the typhoon
Winds roaring ashore so tragic
Deforestation stripped fabric
Landfall and no one is immune
Left us daunting what storm can bring
We’re resilient as our tribune
Got to recover brick by brick
Ferociousness of the typhoon*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The High Octain is simply a double Octain, but as one poem – the refrains are the same, a- and b- rhymes are the same, but actual words are different, and the c/c line with the internal rhyme can optionally be rhymed in the second instance. There is no restriction on the level of repetition, but in most cases the stipulated refrain A is enough; this may even feel too repetitive and need varying. As a general guideline, changing up to four syllables of the eight still retains enough to feel like the refrain. The end word must remain the same.

The structure of the High Octain is one single after another with a break in between; alternatively, it can be written as two blocks of eight lines:

A-b-b-a-c/c-a-b-A [or d/d instead of c/c]

For: Saturday’s Mix–26 August 2017


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