Enamoured – Daily Prompt


I once was a prince which was turned to a frog by the evil witch
Then the beautiful princess saw me and I croaked and we were friends
I croaked and she listened and she told me her life in the palace
She came to the pond every day and we fell in love, she kissed me
I was immediately turned back to a prince and boy, was I handsome
I asked the king for the princess’ hand and he approved
The day we got married, the whole village celebrated
All the lovely ladies in the village were there, too
I was enamoured by them and they to me
I started having some extra love affairs
After all, it had been years and years that I was a frog
The princess found out about my affairs and she was mad
She went to the wicked witch and pleaded with her
To turned me back to a frog and the evil witch did
Now I’m back to the pond croaking forever after

For: Enamored

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