Sunday Writing Prompt #218: September 3, 2017 Who do you know? Night Sounds


Soft whisper of wind
Light of the silvery moon
Children fast asleep

Crickets chirp, owls hoot
Angels sing halleluiah
Total darkness

No stars in the night
I thought you were my knight
No breeze to caress my cheeks
Just some awful critiques
No afternoon walks
Not doing any spacewalk
No flowers in the garden
I just want to run
Just some void space in my life
Quite a lot of strifes
No full moon to watch
Just your stopwatch
No nice bottle of wine
I miss our fine dine
Talking about things
Typical of earthlings
No kisses when I come home
Shalom, shalom!
No one stealing my fries
You make me cry
No more lovers’ tiff
I need my kerchief
We said things we shouldn’t have
For my guilt I need a salve
We knew it was bad
What else can I add?
But we have learned our lessons
We are each other’s beacon
Time for reconciliation
And enjoy the sun

For: Sunday Writing Prompt #218


  1. Thank you LadyLee 🙂
    Wonderful exploration of the Sunday Writing Prompt.
    I’ve particularly enjoyed how you start from the just before the night settles in, and the second stanza – those 3 lines? absolutely wonderful in their tone – I particularly like “Angels sing halleluiah” – the way it acts as a pivot. Then you’re sweeping into the actual realities, of a day winding down – the details and particulars of two people and their engagements and interactions – it’s like a conversation, perhaps as only offered by one point of view, but it’s so subtle in the presentation of being tired, overwhelmed, the sometimes less than delightful and “picture perfect” scenes, but it’s honest – and I like how you’ve presented it as if it continues through the night – adding depth and breadth to the experience. And the ending? The final wrapping it up – the closure, and the desire to begin again in the dawn? Lovely!

    thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend and start to your week 🙂

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