Recreate – Daily Prompt

Recreate a single day


One day isang araw, I saw nakita ko
I can’t remember how it goes after that
It’s just some random English and Filipino words
Anyway, I’m supposed to write about my day
It started early, it always does in this house
Before 6 I was up, checking my emails
Then I made a pot of tea for me and Him Indoors
He’s still in bed, warm and cosy, ah, bless him
Thursday morning, we usually go swimming
Early swimmers we are called, and so are the seniors
Who are also there first thing in the morning
Him indoors doing his laps in the Olympic size pool
I’m happy bobbing in the heated outside pool
After half an hour, we both went to the Jacuzzi
That was heaven on earth! Just like being on holiday
Back home, had our breakfast and Him Indoors works
Me? My free day today so I’m taking it easy
Did some blogging about fictions and photos
Had lunch, a quick nap and before I knew it, it’s late
Time to do some laundry, more blogging, think about dinner
We still got some bolognaise sauce from yesterday
I’ll just add some kidney beans, mushrooms and voila!
Chilli con carne with chopped chillies, of course
Good with boiled rice and a bottle of red wine
Him Indoors comes home, we sit outside
The weather is gorgeous to be outside
The day is not over yet, but I think it ends well
How was yours? Hope it’s a good one, too

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