Imagine a world with no bridge

© John Robinson

Imagine a world with no bridge
Forget crossing the other side
No swinging as agile or spry
As you thump your fist to your heart

And as I plague you with questions
Imagine a world with no bridge
No spraying graffiti on walls
The real drama is on tap

We go through our lives everyday
Meeting lots of people and foes
Imagine a world with no bridge
Tough if we get stuck on one side

If there’s no bridge to cross over
How do we know there’s other side?
That we can venture out and taste?
Imagine a world with no bridge*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* A Quatern is a sixteen line French form composed of four quatrains. It is similar to the Kyrielle and the Retourne. It has a refrain that is in a different place in each quatrain. The first line of stanza one is the second line of stanza two, third line of stanza three, and fourth line of stanza four. A quatern has eight syllables per line. It does not have to be iambic or follow a set rhyme scheme.

line 1
line 2
line 3
line 4

line 5
line 6 (line 1)
line 7
line 8

line 9
line 10
line 11 (line 1)
line 12

line 13
line 14
line 15
line 16 (line 1)


For: Sunday Photo Fiction – September 17th 2017, Wordle 317 Sep 16 by brenda warren

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  1. I am always amazed (as I think I have said before) at the different poetic forms you bring to Sunday Photo Fiction. It is always a pleasure to see your name and look forward to seeing what new verse arrives.

    I like the “what if” in this. There is always a way around though. Either – as James says – Swim, or head to the farthest point and walk around. Or build a ramp and stunt across.

    Liked by 1 person

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