Being pampered in Das Kranzbach

Hello everyone! We’re here in Das Kranzbach and we loved being pampered. It’s a four star hotel and a wellness refuge. The place is amazing!

There are four outdoor pools and one indoor pool, all heated and complete with jacuzzi. There are also saunas and other wellness facilities.

We went for a walk today, from Kranzbach to Am Berg and it took us two and a half hours going up and down. Am Berg is 1200m high.

We have a full board accomodation and the food from breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner was wonderful!

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  1. What a gorgeous place to spend some time relaxing! The view is beautiful and the array of delicious food set out in such elegant fashion made my mouth water! I know how much the two of you enjoying this time together, and I am thankful you got to go. What was your most favorite part of the time spent there? I see the giant chess game in the yard and remember seeing them often in Germany! The pool sound wonderful too, and there is nothing quite as good as fresh mountain air! I hope you are having a good week now that you have returned to daily life. XO

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  2. Your capture of the ipnes in the mist is stunning! Oh, the food looks so scrumptious! Talking about being pampered, you know where to go:) Many thanks for sharing Das Kransbach with All Seasons:) Have a great week! The Germans know what Erholung means:)

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  3. Quite the mountain setting, I take it that a mist (or a fog) coming down from the mountains. Looks cooler rather than warmer, which I would imagine must be the case at that elevation at this time of year.
    Excellent photos

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  4. What a marvelous vacation. It looks enjoyable from the views to the food to the peace and pampering. I envy you all the wonderful travels you have. The photos are stunning.

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