FFfAW Challenge – Brace yourself for I’m cool

This week’s photo prompt is provided by shivamt25. Thank you shivamt25 for our prompt!

Brace yourself for I’m cool
Chasing my dream with hope
At the bottom is nope
Ding dong late for school
Faux-fur jacket to rule
Rebel kid my scope

Traffic at the crossroads
Having coffee with you
Enjoying a nice brew
Lock my bike with the codes
Chains and pens I’ve got loads
Then let’s go to the zoo

So cool with my glasses
This coffee gives me buzz*

(C) ladyleemanila 2017


* The HexSonnetta, created by Andrea Dietrich, consists of two six-line stanzas and a finishing rhyming couplet with the following set of rules:

Meter: Iambic Trimeter
Rhyme Scheme: a/bb/aa/b c/dd/cc/d ee

For: FFfAW Challenge-Week of September 26, 2017, Wordle 318 Sep 23 by brenda warren



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