Deny – Daily Prompt


Mirror, mirror on the wall
Is it possible for a cure-all?
Tell me what I want to hear
We compare life to a sphere
That I am beautiful and fair
And I wear my hair with flair
That I am whole and not broken
In every game, not lost but always won
That I see the world in my tinted glasses
Always favourable in different matches

Hang on a minute, my dear
I’m not here to cheer but to clear
Don’t disillusion yourself
With variety, life is like a bookshelf
For in this world life’s not fair
You’ve got to see it fair and square
Accept it for what it’s worth
We are all worthy on this earth
And not try to alter as we please
In our minds, we’re all beauties
Not denying what is what
Experience it and not to exit
But accepting things as they are
Not narrow but keep mind ajar

For: Deny

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