Three Things Thursday and more

Skywatch Friday the 13th, first thing in the morning, on our way to the pool

flowers in our garden, before they stop flowering

my good old bike, riding it from home to the station

at the station, to and from work

our dinner – tuna and stir-fried vegetables

Have a great week, everyone!

For: #ThreeThingsThursday – What made me smile this week…, FFF307 – WARATAH , Skywatch Friday – 12 October 2017 Edition , TToT – 10/13/17 , ALL SEASONS – OCTOBER PLEASURES, Monterey Bay Aquarium (Sundays In My City)

#Bathwater Ten Things of Thankful f0859-fff



  1. Swimming… great way to start the morning! I love early morning skies too, they always seem to paint a picture of hope for the coming day!

    Your flower gardens are lovely, such an array of colors! I’m sure you will be sad to see them soon giving way to the cold of winter.

    I liked your bicycle, and that you are out and about in the fresh air. Do you have a place to leave it when you ride the train to work, or do you take it with you?

    Your tuna/stir fry supper looked so inviting, I wish I could have come and joined you! I am sure it was delicious!!

    Have a great week ahead, Lady Lee! Your positive outlook on life is contagious! :-))

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