Day 13 – Art in the Wayward Mind

Weird People

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Great Horned Owl” by Sallie Wolf: owl, perched, tree, night, birds, sun, rose, crows, caws, caused, found, flee

Blessed are the weird people
Blessed are the wayward mind
Mind the gap
Mind the owl perched on the tree
Tree of life
Tree with birds
Birds chirping
Birds and crows
Crows caws
Crows flying
Flying in the sky
Flying in the night
Night and day
Night with my knight
Knight of shining armour
Knight to save the princess
Princess found and saved
Princess and the sun
Sun rose
Sun caused sunburn
Sunburn and the sea
Sunburn be careful
Careful of my heart
Careful to break my heart
Heart and soul
Heart to heart
Heart of love
Heart being hurt
Hurt and bruise
Hurt of humiliation
Humiliation and disgrace
Humiliation and shame
Shame of being found out
Shame of the event
Event of a lifetime
Event that change life
Life in the universe
Life of an artist
Artist and dancer
Artist and sculpture
Sculpture collage
Sculpture made by you
You and me against the world
You light up my life
Life in the 21st century
Life and the gap
Gap between government and people
Gap of the century

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* The Blitz Poem

For: Day 13 – Art in the Wayward Mind , Whirligig 133

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