Music Prompt #14: OneRepublic – “I Lived” #amwriting #musicchallenge

Until my moment comes, I’ll say
I did it all, I tried my best
Every mountain is like a quest

Every day I’ll come out and play
I’m able to keep my head high
And my limit is the sky

I’ll be eating my curds and whey
Dreaming a great future with you
Ocean so deep and sky so blue

With every challenge I’ll say aye
I’ll be a good friend, I’ll be kind
Happily we would wine and dine

And when the world ends anyway
I’d be ready I did it all
No regrets for what’s to befall*

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

* Constanza

For: Music Prompt #14: OneRepublic – “I Lived” #amwriting #musicchallenge


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