Photo Challenge #187

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

IMGP1277 IMGP1276

The Thai Buddha and Inca man, I made them 10 years ago
They’re outside, part of our icons in the garden
I also did some dinosaurs when HRH the son was small
Vases, clocks and bowls all made of pottery in our class
I enjoyed making them but I know they were not good
I tried painting with watercolour and acrylic
I was even made a model when I was pregnant
They drew me and my big tummy
I was seven months pregnant
When the son started playing piano
I thought I could learn with him
I gave up after some time
I can’t dance and I can’t sing
What else is there to do?

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Photo Challenge #187


  1. sometimes, it’s not the results that matter, but the effort and desire to try, to play, to create, to enjoy, simply for the benefits and pleasures this brings 🙂
    and certainly, well, no need to compare to others, for the world doesn’t need another Picasso or Leonardo – they have done their bits, played their roles – but every effort is one worthwhile!

    interesting interpretation of the prompt LadyLee – and did you really make those two sculptures for your garden? or was this just poetic license? if you did make them, and enjoy them still? then that’s all that matters – and I quite like them – they have a very earthy and hands on feeling – and that is worth more than a pre-fab moulded counterpart anytime.

    thanks for playing the photo challenge this week 🙂

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