Thursday photo prompt – Haven – #writephoto


There are things I’ve done and places I’ve been
Where I may have hurt you and I don’t know
Err I’m sure I have done but haven’t seen
Bear with me and take this night as I owe

So take this night to let me be
Grow with me and please forgive me
Show me you care with your smile
Snow or rain I come with a plea

pretty sun set
where I met you
I bet you’re pleased
You woo me well
Now there’s wedding bell

our sunset
always good by sea
you and I
we are one
nature’s beauty around us
couldn’t ask for more

(c) ladyleemanila 2017

For: Thursday photo prompt – Haven – #writephoto



  1. “You keep answering “It’ll be alright”
    And change the subject
    Like the water that splashes up from cars on a wet road, crying
    Bitting my lips, holding back the tears
    As of now, I am a coward
    I sigh behind the fogged up glass
    As the memories drift away

    I keep wishing that the truth will become a lie

    If I could just have one heart
    I would fly away
    I don’t care how hurtful it could be
    Just don’t cry, and don’t stop loving

    You said bye and got out of the car
    You seemed strong on that summer afternoon
    All that time I spent not knowing
    I forgot about happiness

    The pain of thinking that when I become an adult, there would be nothing to fear.” -Misia “Kokoro Hitotsu” (心ひとつ)

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