Compromise – Daily Prompt


in a remote village of Nakakatakot
lived a woman called Manding
once a month she changed
to a monster called Manananggal
black wings appeared on her back
she separated her top from her torso
and flew away as the night grew dim
she needed some foetus
sucked their livers and hearts
she said she could smell pregnant women
she tried to stop herself but in vain
this power or accursed was passed on
to her by her mother
as a compromise, she tried to fly far away
away from her village, away from neighbours
hence they wouldn’t be her victims


We’ve got to collaborate to serve and care for the community.
There’s no need to compromise for their concerns.
It’s also our concern. Look at the present state – not a good sight.
Let’s now forget decades of inaction and stop blaming everyone.
Let’s forgive ourselves and move on. It’s time for action.
It’s time to listen, chat and contact them.
Time to cooperate and pull our resources together.
Prioritise and organise. Help our community all the way.
If not now, when? Let’s be proud of our community!

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