Branch – Daily Prompt


leaves have fallen
reflection in the water
a cold autumn day
reminiscing of the past
when you and I holding hands


Crown of yellow buds
Pretty on her soft brown hair
But why the sadness?

Submerge in silence
Barefoot girl in grey skirt
Sitting on the grass

Such sorrow to watch
Previously naked branches
Now dotted with birds

Black birds tweeting
Saw her in solitary
Cheer up, they all sing

The nightingale sings
The first greening of the grass
Heralding of spring

Lazy wind pushes
Soft green grass, blue sky, white clouds
Blackbirds sing above

Stars of spring
Flower buds begin to peek
Hundreds of white blooms

Petals with silky hearts
Flutter down as gentle rain
Blossoms are here

Each one beautiful
Snowdrop, crocus, daffodils
Canvas of nature

For: Branch

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