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Finally everything seemed to fall in places. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so happy and excited. Finally! She couldn’t stop smiling. What a wonderful day it was.

Kathy woke up in a good mood that morning. She took her time brushing her hair, few stretching exercises, a refreshing shower and a hearty breakfast. She even sang in the shower. She went to work that morning and had coffee with her colleague. In the afternoon, she went to a conference. There she met Ben, who asked if they could have dinner that evening.

She wore her favourite dark blue dress and her wedge shoes. She braided her long, brown hair. She looked stunning. Ben was already waiting for her at their favourite Thai restaurant. He was wearing his white shirt and jeans. They had spring rolls for starters with Hugo. They talked about the conference and how they enjoyed taking part in it. They ordered the main meal – Pad Thai and chicken cashew nuts with a nice bottle of Chablis.

They walked to the park near their place after the meal. In the middle of the park, Ben stopped and with bended knee, produced this ring from his pocket. Ben looked at Kathy and asked: “Will you do the honour of being my wife?” Kathy couldn’t stop smiling and answered: “Yes, of course, I’d love to be your wife!” Oh what a wonderful day it was!


One bored patent examiner in Switzerland.

He was looking at the town hall clock.

He thought: “What will I see if I move away from the clock at the speed of light?”

That was the birth of something wonderful and catastrophic at the same time.

Nowadays we can have a GPS on our wrist watch.

Or we are able to destroy the entire city with a material the size of a match stick.


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