Suddenly – Daily Prompt


She thought she’d be happier when arriving. But when the plane touched down suddenly everything caught up with her again and all she wanted in that instance was being far away again.

“This is the end. Hold your head and count to ten …” The song kept repeating in her head…feel the earth move and then I’m gone… Gone from his life, gone from his dreams, gone from his memories. There were good times and bad times, mostly bad times, but they carried on, tried to make it work. They promised to be there for each other, amidst the hindrance, amidst the frustration, amidst the setbacks. But then how long can they keep it that way? How long can they handle the pain? How long can they live in lies?

Now that she finally made that decision, she wasn’t that happy. She remembered his smiles, his caring and his jokes, sometimes corny, sometimes awkward. She remembered the times he surprised her, thinking he won’t turn up, but then he was there. But then she also remembered their situations, that no matter what, they won’t be one hundred per cent together, that he will never be hers, or her his. Full stop.

For: Suddenly

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